What formula do I use for picking values from a matrix? (Excel 2003)

What formula do I use for picking values from a matrix? (Excel 2003)

I have set up A1 as a drop down list of the items on the left in grey. I have set up B1 as a drop down list of items in grey across the top of the table. how do I/what formula do I use so that when the boxes are selected C1 will show the number from the table. for example A1 has 4 picked, B1 has 0 picked I want C1 to show up with 8810? any help would be great.

Explorer Asked on 31st August 2015 in Excel for Windows.
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    Hi Joey,

    Please type the formula in Cell C1″ =INDEX(A11:D14,MATCH(A1,A11:A14,0),MATCH(B1,A11:D11,0))” without quotes.

    Enthusiast Answered on 31st August 2015.
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    Tried that came up with an error. I think it must be close though

    Explorer Answered on 1st September 2015.
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    Hi Joey. The above stated formula is working properly. Kindly check the same at your end.  if there is no luck, you can mail the file to EXCELROCKER@YMAIL.COM .   I shall check and revert

    Enthusiast Answered on 1st September 2015.

    Hi Joey & Excelrocker,

    Thanks for your contribution on ExcelQnA.com
    Just a request. Please avoid placing your email id/website on the posts. Exchanging files should be done through file sharing tools like GoogleDrive. And please place solutions on the posts itself so as to benefit other viewers too.

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    Admin | ExcelQnA.com

    on 2nd September 2015.
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    After looking into the sheet more the formula you gave was correct it was an error I had elsewhere causing the problem.
    just to add some more complexity to it is there a way to add a third part to the formula to include a third variable?

    Explorer Answered on 3rd September 2015.

    yes you can add one more variable. Please define your question clearly with instance.

    on 4th September 2015.
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    Explorer Answered on 1st July 2019.
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