How to transfer Formatting to another Excel worksheet?

I have a workbook in which Sheet 3 & Sheet 4 have formulas that reference Sheet 1 and Sheet 2. I need to find out how to get the formatting (most importantly, background color) of the original cells on Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 to transfer to the cell that references it on Sheet 3 and Sheet 4. The formulas use a vlookup based on dates, and therefore change regularly. I believe it requires VBA. I can usually manipulate code to produce the desired results, but do not know where to start for this.

Sample info:
Formula in Sheet 3 $H$8 =IF(VLOOKUP(‘Sheet 1′!$F$12,’Sheet 1’!$A:$CZ,6,FALSE)=0,””,(VLOOKUP(‘Sheet 1′!$F$12,’Sheet 1’!$A:$CZ,6,FALSE)))

Sheet 1 $F$12 contains a date (produced by a formula) that is used for the vlookup.

Explorer Asked on 22nd June 2015 in Excel for Windows.
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    Explorer Answered 2 days ago.
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