Keyboard shortcut Alt+I+R for inserting row is not working

Alt+I+R to insert a row from keyboard is not working suddenly. Though there are other options available, i was accustomed to use this shortcut.

Any solution?

Explorer Asked on 4th July 2015 in Excel for Windows.
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    Hi All,

    Empty the Excel folder including XLSTART, then refresh the Excel workbook. It should work (Alt+I+R for Insert Row and Alt+I+C for Insert Column).

    To locate the Excel folder in your system follow the steps below:

    1. Open an Excel workbook (New file or existing)
    2. ALT+F11
    3. If “Immediate Window” is not visible, type CTRL+G. Alternatively it can be accessed through View >> Immediate Window
    4. Type “? application.StartupPath” without quotes and press enter
    5. You will see the path below

    Enthusiast Answered on 23rd August 2015.
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    I also suddenly discovered Alt + I + R refuses to insert a row. I use Excel 10
    Now I have found a way around it. Use Alt H + I + R – yes an extra key stroke, which calls Home menu then Insert then Row
    That always works for me. Why Home menu is not default as before haven’t figured out

    Explorer Answered on 7th August 2015.
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    Even I discovered one day that my Alt+I+R is not working. Tried a lot searching for the reason and correction (and my IT team was not at all helpful for this) 🙁

    While trying options suggested by others on this platform, I found a new command which is working perfectly. Try Alt+I+E in place of R. For me, it is working.

    Explorer Answered on 29th September 2015.
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    Select the row above which a new row needs to be inserted and do Ctrl  Shift  +

    For Alt I R, its working fine so far for me. Just try checking if all the 3 buttons are working fine on your keyboard.

    Intermediate Answered on 4th July 2015.
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    As an alternative, I am using ctrl + option after selecting row to insert a new one.

    For alt I R, There seems to be some problem with registry keys for excel options. 🙁

    I checked with other system and its working there.

    Explorer Answered on 4th July 2015.
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    Explorer Answered on 20th January 2020.
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