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Hello. I cannot solve this mathematical problem: Let’s say I have 5 cells. Each of them represents one unique item to buy. I have placed prices of these items in these cells . Some of them have the same price. In another cell I have money budget. For example: I have budget $1000.

  1. item costs $500
  2. item costs $150
  3. item costs $200
  4. item costs $200
  5. item costs $50

I need to count automatically how big is a maximum number of how many another items I can buy simultaneously if I buy an item from the 1st cell. That count I need to duplicate for every item in list. Also every item has different budget. It’s not important why it is so but that’s a fact. My research to find a useful formula was useless. My attempts to figure out which formula I should use were unsuccessful too. The example is demonstrative. The final result will be more complex and with many more cells. Thank you for quick response and I wish Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2017 to everybody here!

Explorer Asked on 25th December 2016 in Excel for Windows.
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    Cant really figure out what you are trying to ask….

    Explorer Answered on 27th June 2017.
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    I need to cutting edge counts utilizing exceed expectations reports and I need a correct book or course that encourages the equation composing from scrach to top dimension with the goal that I can consider myself.

    Explorer Answered on 12th December 2018.
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    Explorer Answered on 19th November 2019.
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