Avarage formula

I have excell row containing 100 cells. First 20 rows have numbers then 50 cells are 0 again last 30 cells have numbers. In 101th cell have also number. (Lets assume that 101th cell have 25)

I want avarage of 25 cells beginning from the 100th cell to back. I need formula for this situation.


Explorer Asked on 8th February 2018 in Excel for Windows.
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    The normally SUM/Count/Average function will count all cells in the specified range on matter cells are hidden/filtered or not. While the Subtotal function can only sum/count/average with ignoring hidden rows. However, Kutools for Excel SUMVISIBLE/COUNTVISIBLE/AVERAGEVISIBLE functions will easily calculate the specified range with ignoring any hidden cells, rows, or columns. For more info you can use this best essay service to having a wonderful assistant in writing  tasks.

    The AVERAGE function will average cells that contain numbers. Its syntax is:
    =AVERAGE(value1, value2,…value30).
    The arguments (e.g. value1) can be cell references, or values typed into the AVERAGE formula.

    Explorer Answered on 26th May 2018.
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