How it works ?

How it works ?  At, you get rewarded for every small and big contribution that you make, be it asking questions, posting super useful answers, voting up an answer you found helpful….. simply everything !!

As you collect points, you gain status and earn new community privileges. Your knowledge helps the community as much as it helps you build your personal brand.


Vote up

‘Vote up’ helpful posts – When you find a response that helps you, click Vote up (This is useful) and thank the member who posted it.

If other members mark the same response, the member who posted it will earn reputation points. The most helpful responses will move to the top of the discussion, so others can easily find them and benefit.


Mark the best answer

If you ask a new question and someone answers it to your satisfaction, click “Accept” to mark one response as the best answer. The answer will display below your question, and the member who posted the answer will earn high reputation points.


To post a question or answer or to mark a response from the community:


  1. Sign in to
  2. Ask a question or post an answer  OR
  3. Go to the response you want to mark
  4. Vote Up (This is useful) or mark Best Answer (Accept)


Note: you will only see “Accept” if you posted the original question.


Earn points, badges, and privileges

Have a look at how you earn reputation points:

  • When you ask a question, you will earn 2 (two) points.
  • When you post an answer, you will earn 3 (three) points.
  • If your question is voted up (marked ‘Useful’ ), you will earn 5 (five) points.
  • If your answer is voted up (marked ‘Useful’ ), you will earn 10 (ten) points.
  • If your answer becomes the best answer (marked ‘Accepted’ ), you will earn 25 (twenty five) points.


Please note, you might lose your reputation points too:

  • When your question is voted down (marked ‘Not Useful’ ), you will lose 1 (one) point.
  • When your answer is voted down (marked ‘Not Useful’ ), you will lose 2 (two) points.
  • When you vote down an answer or question (mark ‘Not Useful’ ), you will lose 1 (one) point.


You can see a user’s status level (Badge) next to each post.

As you collect reputation points, your status level increases and you receive additional privileges.


How it works ?

How it works ?